Third implicated confessed that he killed Isaac Hilario at McDonald’s in Lince

The National Police obtained the arrest of another man who participated in the murder of businessman Isaac Hilario Huamanyalli, perpetrated on January 9 at a McDonald’s in Lince.

William Martínez Robles He confirmed to the agents that he was the author of the shots by saying that he used a revolver.

According to his account, after committing the crime, he threw the weapon in the Risso area and ran to a corner where a linear motorcycle was waiting for him, his accomplice. Then, he got off at another point and from there he took a van to San Juan de Lurigancho.

Martinez Robles He assured that he killed the so-called ‘Cholo Isaac’ because he would have cheated him with a job offer.

“He deceived me, he told me to bring him three women to work in a casino, they accepted and when I arrived in Peru, they separated me from the girls,” he told the Special Investigation Brigade Against Foreign Crime (BEICCE).

However, the hypothesis of the Police is that the crime of Hilario Huamanyalli was ordered by mafias that fight for the control of prostitution in Lince.

Martínez becomes the third intervened in this case. A few days after the fact they were captured Luis Rodriguez Rodriguez and Joelbi Liendo Sánchez, who were accused of being the hitmen who committed the murder.

Rodríguez and Liendo participated in the reconstruction of the events and it was learned, through an expert opinion of the Public Ministry, that they were on the day of the crime in the shopping center where the fast food outlet is located.


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