Third-party MagSafe cases are now readily available

The MagSafe ecosystem launched with the iPhone 12 is still very embryonic if we look only at the side of products validated by Apple with their MFI certification. Third party props did not wait to offer their products, however, and there are many MagSafe cases, with the magnets needed to properly align the charger modified by Apple. These products have even arrived on Amazon, where you can receive them in just a few days and with the security provided by a store in France.

If you like the transparent Apple designed case, this clone is sold only 11 € for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, 19 € for iPhone 12 Pro Max or € 18.5 for the iPhone 12 mini. We find the same design, with magnets visible on the back, which also allows this product to offer the same functionalities as the official model.

If you prefer Apple’s silicone case, this black model looks very close to the original. The magnets are integrated into the material and this time invisible on the back, but we see a circle inside. This product is available for all three sizes: € 22.5 for the iPhone 12 mini, 19 € for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro and also 19 € for the iPhone 12 Pro Max (remember to activate the coupon on the product page before adding it to the cart).

The magnets are not visible on the outside, it is only for illustration that they are seen in this image.

These two products are not the only ones on Amazon, but beware, not all products integrate MagSafe as well. This model also in silicon and sold € 18 for the iPhone 12 Pro Max is supplied with the magnets apart, to be placed between the shell and the iPhone, for example. This is not necessarily inconvenient in use, but it is a point to consider.

If you’re not afraid to order direct from China, these same products can be found at a much lower price on AliExpress. This transparent case is displayed at only 3.5 € with shipping costs to France. At this price point, expect slow delivery (slated for mid-February) and more hit-and-miss quality. Another example, this silicone case sold around 9 € (the exact price depends on the model chosen), this time with deliveries promised by the end of the month.


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