Third season for “Fauda”, a series on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Published on : 04/15/2020 – 17:49

Attacks, targeted assassinations and torture: “Fauda”, filmed in Hebrew and Arabic, does not hide anything from the spiral of violence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This third season places even more emphasis on the plight of civilians against the background of war between Israel and Hamas.

Israeli special agent Doron Kavillio, shaved head, still as muscular, is infiltrated as a boxing trainer in Hebron under the identity of Abu Fadi. But most of the intrigue takes place in the Gaza Strip, under the control of Hamas, Gaza from which Palestinian commandos left.

Fauda explores the moral dilemmas of his characters, whether they are Jewish or Arab Israelis, or Palestinians. This third season promises to be even less Manichean than the previous ones. Its realism owes a lot to the journey of its two authors, the journalist Avi Issacharoff and Lior Raz, also to the main actor of Fauda. Both are former agents of Mista’arvim, an Israeli special forces unit infiltrated into the Palestinian population.

Range, Fauda has been acclaimed by millions of viewers, including in the Arab world, where its success is undeniable.


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