third wave and record of new cases

After the lull in early autumn, the third wave of the epidemic is confirmed in the archipelago, which recorded more than 2,300 new cases on November 19. The medical community points the finger at the Go To Travel campaign, but the Japanese authorities refuse to adopt restrictive measures.

A few weeks ago, the Covid-19 epidemic seemed to many Japanese to be history. After the second wave of the summer, the country recorded only between 300 and 700 cases per day, and the population traveled as they saw fit taking advantage of the favorable prices of plane tickets and hotels thanks to the tourism promotion campaign. domestic Go To Travel.

Bars and restaurants in downtown Tokyo were packed with Japanese groups, without masks, ignoring sanitary measures. The catastrophic situation of European countries was then for them only a distant echo which did not concern them. As a result of this drop in vigilance, the country is now facing what experts call a “third wave”.

On November 19, the number of patients sick with Covid-19 exceeded, for the first time since the outbreak of the crisis, the symbolic threshold of 500 new cases in Tokyo, reaching 534. At the national level, the balance sheet has peaked at 2,327 on the same day, TV channel reports TBS. A record.

No restrictive measures in sight

Faced with this alarming toll, the Tokyo government raised the alert level to the maximum level, and the city’s governor, Yuriko Koike, held an urgent conference on the afternoon of November 19. In a calm that contrasts with the urgency of


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