Thirty bars in Barranquilla have authorization to serve the public

After almost seven months of being closed, a total of 30 bars in Barranquilla reopen their doors to the public within the framework of the pilot plan and after a strict selection and evaluation process.

These establishments were selected after verifying that they had the corresponding biosecurity protocols to avoid contagion by Covid-19.

Ricardo Plata Sarabia, Secretary of Economic Development of the District, explained that 105 establishments were enrolled in this process, which was accompanied and academic support by the Simón Bolívar University.

“We determined that this Thursday only those who showed a strong commitment in the implementation of biosafety protocols and who received a rating greater than 90% will reopen,” said the official.

Plata Sanabria also said that in order to deliver the authorization, mechanisms to avoid crowds in common areas such as bars, locker, wardrobe and bathrooms, among others, were taken into account.

In addition, he indicated that the strategies to guarantee physical distancing and signage with biosecurity information for clients and collaborators were reviewed.

Similarly, the implementation of digital devices for payment and menus, the cleaning and disinfection equipment of the premises and of the bottles, glasses and jugs, as well as the enabling of the control points for the entry and exit of the assistants.

“We trust that Barranquilla residents will replicate that same sense of responsibility and solidarity with this sector, one of the most affected by the health crisis, so that it can quickly regain the dynamism with which they came before the pandemic,” he added.


The District informed that the establishments participating in the pilot will be able to operate every day until 1:00 am, without restriction of opening hours.

Groups of up to eight people per table are allowed to attend. Reserve management should also be promoted, in order to maintain control over capacity in establishments.

The district authorities stressed that dancing is not allowed and these spaces must be used for the adaptation of tables and chairs.

On the other hand, the use of decoration, launching of ballots, confetti, foams or other elements that could become a source of contagion is not allowed.

In addition, the provision of food and products in bars or in the self-service mode, both for customers and employees, should be avoided. Tasting practices are not allowed either.


Carlos de Moya, administrator of El Búnker, assured that all the precautions have been taken so that the customer experience is optimal.

“We have high expectations. Clients must reserve and the entrance will be complying with all the biosafety measures that are in force, ”said De Moya.

He also indicated that the use of the mask will be mandatory inside the bar and that the sale of liquor will be in a responsible manner.

For his part, César Ahumada, owner of La Verbenera, explained that they will be serving the public from this Friday and that they have already received the first customer reservations: “We will have six people working in the premises, ready to serve all salsa lovers ”.

1 Coco Beach Carrera 107 # 50 – 69
2 Wet Sunday Company Calle 99 # 53 – 40 Cc Plaza del Parque, Isla 1 – Floor 2
3 The popular Carrera 53 # 75 – 124
4 The Embassy Pub Club Carrera 43 # 76 – 184
5 The Embassy Pub 84 Street # 44 – 49
6 Stella Artois Cc Mall Plaza (4th floor)
7 For those that Sea Disco Bar Carrera 8 # 42 – 39
8 Rondalla Estadero Bar Carrera 44 #41-12
9 The Bunker Carrera 53 # 76 – 239
10 La Verbenera Calle 45 # 20 – 198
11 Next SAS (BBC Prado) Carrera 53 With 75
12 Country Licores (84) 84 Street # 43b – 59
13 Cristian Liquors Carrera 51 # 82 – 60
14 The Executive Restaurant – Bar and Grill Carrera 43 # 80-39
15 Estadero Candileja Carrera 44 # 41-03
16 Talisman Bar C 38 C # 20 – 203
17 My little ranch Cl 38 # 38-61
18 Coronita RD Bar Carrera 8 # 42-87
19 Magdalena Investments S.A.S Carrera 53 # 75-96
20 The Troja Carrera 44 # 72 263
21 Manhattan Barranquilla Calle 99 # 53 – 40, Cc Plaza del Parque, local 49A – 49B
22 40 Degree Liquors Calle 84 # 44 – 49, local 4
23 Corona Station La 84 Calle 84 N ° 44-49
24 Checkmate Bar Calle 82 N°43b47
25 Country Licores 82 Carrera 43B # 82-12, Local 2
26 Killa Shots Carrera 45 # 82 – 235
27 Songo Sorongo Calle 19 # 3D – 6
28 The Vallenata Trap 84 Street # 45 – 47
29 Where Alberto Calle 19 # 3A – 03
30 Estadero Tasca Medellín FAC Carrera 34 # 39 – 46


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