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Hong Kong-based company CYC markets a 5,000 W electric motor which can be integrated into any conventional mountain bike, transforming it into a lightweight electric dirt bike that promises hours of fun.

Through tutorials and videos, which the company itself provides, the buyer himself you can install the X1-Pro on your bike and then connect it to a battery that must be purchased separately. Once installed, all the configuration of the motor, instantaneous data on its operation and the routes taken can be consulted through a mobile application that works as a travel monitor. It also includes a color screen that indicates the main parameters and allows you to select between several modes: the recreational mode, the legal one for the United States and the legal one for the European Union.

Most standard electric bikes have a 250 W, the maximum allowed by the regulations in the European Union to be considered EPAC vehicles. However, higher power models designed for use outside public roads, in private areas or on mountain circuits are also marketed. In any case, the upper limit is usually around 1,000 W. The objective is imitate the sensations of a conventional bicycle.

Manufacturers such as Bosch and Yamaha, in their 250 W motors, have complex software that receives data on cadence and pedaling speed so that the rider only perceives the existence of the motor because it is helping him / her to pedal, also offering performance extraordinary despite its low power.

The X1-Pro electric motor weighs 3.5 kilograms without battery.

With the X1-Pro, available power rises to 3,000 W, accepting point peaks of up to 5,000 W. The motor voltage can rise up to 72 V, an important fact to keep in mind when buying the battery that powers it (it must be between 36 and 72 V) and which is not included in the pack. The maximum speed that can be reached depends on the terrain and the limitations of the cyclist. It is installed adhered to the front chainring that can have 32, 38 or 42 teeth. CYC’s engine is designed to be easy to install and fit virtually any bike on the market. Thanks to its format, the X1 PRO can be mounted high above the ground, preventing it from hitting the ground in the most difficult areas.

It can work as an assisted pedaling bicycle thanks to the torque sensor. This measures how fast the rider moves the pedals and calculates how much power the motor must offer to help you. At free mode, when the accelerator is used, the bicycle becomes an ultralight electric dirt bike, releasing all its power output. It is also possible to configure the touch and the way the trigger responds to the taste of each user.

The CYC mobile app It has five main functions: dashboard, trip planner, data logger, virtual races, settings. Through the mobile it is possible to connect with other cyclists and share data in real time. In addition, through it all the motor parameters are configured. The data that it is able to offer are multiple, including the acceleration measured through a gyroscope, which also serves as a compass, the power being used and the engine revolutions (both parameters with the possibility of limitation). In case of not using the application, through the included screen it is possible to select three predefined configurations: playful, legal in the US and legal in the European Union. Each of them can be customized through the mobile application.

The engine is available through the CYC website. Its price starts in 938 dollars (860 euros) In its basic format, without including the battery, although it is possible to change the controller and the monitor and modify some options to better adjust it to the needs of each client.

The X1-Pro electric motor can be mounted in various positions around the bottom bracket

The X1-Pro electric motor can be mounted in various positions around the bottom bracket.


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