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This Amazon device, which is still on sale, has swept Black Friday

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick has swept Black Friday 2021, and you can still buy it for 22.99 euros.

It is enough to enter the Amazon electronics bestseller lists to see that there is a product that has been particularly successful, ranking in the first place for days. Its about Fire TV Stick, the device that serves to turn your old television into a Smart TV. Its usual price is 39.99 euros, but at the moment you can buy it for only 22,99 euros.

These 17 euros discount have been available for a few days, and they will disappear soon. This is your last chance to buy the Fire Stick TV for just over 20 euros, as the offer ends when ends this monday, november 29. Do not think about it if you want to see on your TV Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube or Disney + content, because with this device you can see it in Full HD. In addition, its remote control allows you to speak directly to Alexa. But with this purchase you can earn much more, and we talk about it now.

Buy the Fire TV Stick before its offer ends

The Fire TV Stick, which has swept Black Friday, is still on sale.

Without a doubt, Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is one of the best Stick TV that you can buy for your TV. It is a small device that you must connect to HDMI port of your television, being completely hidden in the back of it. Then you just have to connect it to the internet to enjoy all its benefits.

With this device you can download applications such as Netflix, YouTube, HBO Max, Prime Video or Twitch to see all their audiovisual content on your non-smart TV. You will do it with Full HD quality and Dolby Atmos sound, to watch series and movies as if you were in the cinema. Also, this 3rd generation Fire TV Stick it is more powerful than previous versions, so apps run faster.

Another of the great strengths of this model is that it comes with a remote control of the most complete. You can quickly access the content of Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + and Amazon Music thanks to the buttons it integrates. In addition, it has a microphone that allows you speak directly to Alexa to ask you to open a specific app or search for a certain type of content.

By the way, Black Friday on Amazon has also left us offers on other Stick TVs that are still available. On the one hand, you can the Fire TV Stick Lite by 18,99 euros if you are looking for lower features at a lower price. On the other hand, if you want a higher resolution and better audio quality, you can buy the Fire TV Stick 4K by 33,99 euros. Both offers end at 12 at night, so you must be quick to take advantage of them.

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