This Apple Computer Will Set You Back $ 1.5 Million

An extremely rare Apple computer has been listed for sale on eBay for a listed price of $ 1.5 million.

First rated by IGN, the listing is for an ‘Apple 1 Original 1976 Computer System 1st Steve Wozniak designed computer’. From the seller:

This is truly a first for eBay. This is a fully operational and verified original Apple-1 computer system in excellent condition in its original Byte Shop KOA wooden case, with original power supply and Datanetics Version D keyboard. This Apple-1 is an unmodified NTI card in near perfect condition on the front and back of the main card where you can see that there have been no modifications or repairs. This system was verified as original by Apple-1 expert Corey Cohen as recently as August 2019 at Vintage Computer Festival West, where it was one of two units running continuously during the show with over 6 hours per full day of operation. A vintage Sony TV-115, as recommended by Steve Jobs, with a video modulator is included. A certificate of authenticity from Achim Baque, curator of the Apple-1 registry, is included in the sale and can be viewed on request. Please visit the official Apple-1 Registry ( for more details and the authenticity of this rare item.

The seller claims that as the second owner, he took possession of the device in early 1978 when a customer traded it in for a newer Apple II. The Apple-1 even has its original Byte Shop KOA wooden case, of which there are only 6 known surviving originals, many of which can be found in museums. The system would be in perfect condition, without repairs or modifications, and would be fully operational.

The computer has a buy-it-now price of $ 1.5 million.

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