this asset that will make you want to buy the Microsoft console

This Wednesday September 16, Sony must take advantage of a PlayStation Showcase to unveil the line-up of its consoles as well as their respective prices. On the Microsoft side, this information was formalized some time ago. Nevertheless, the manufacturer continues to reveal new information on its Xbox Series X and S, on the storage side in particular.

particularly practical memory cards

Last March, Microsoft confirmed it, the Xbox Series S would have its own memory cards, designed by the American manufacturer and the Seagate brand. The consoles will still have an SSD, 1 TB for the Series X against 512 GB for the Series X. A storage space that can be enlarged thanks to a port located at the back of the console, allowing the insertion of dedicated memory cards.

And as Jason Ronald, Director of Project Management at Xbox, explains on Twitter, memory cards can be removed and inserted in abundance, without having to turn off the console each time. A godsend for those who would like to switch from one game to another quickly, without having to turn their Xbox off and then on again. The games and other data stored there will not be damaged during handling.

The storage spaces of the two Xboxes can therefore be enlarged to a maximum of 2 TB, using a single memory card. Of course, this number can increase depending on your wallet. In addition, Microsoft has already confirmed that it will be possible to connect an external hard drive to your console. Running out of storage space on Xbox Series X or S therefore seems difficult, even if the more years go by, the heavier the games become. The players of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare pay particular attention to each new update.

As for these memory cards signed Microsoft and Seagate, their price has not yet been communicated. Patience therefore, while the eyes are now on Sony, which must now formalize the price of its two consoles. Rumors have been rife for several months, a price that could in particular discourage some if it turns out to be too high.

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