This BMW that belonged to an actor who died too soon is for sale

BMW M1 ex-Paul Walker — DR

Produced in around 400 copies, the BMW M1 is a rather rare beast. But this one is even more so, because it was modified by the German garage AHG, which added to it a “Procar” body kit, a special BMW M paint, special BBS rims, a sport exhaust and an interior. in premium leather. According to some sources, only about ten M1 were treated in this way.

BMW M1 ex-Paul Walker – DR

The car we are showing you today is currently for auction on the US site Bring-a-Trailer. Showing only 7,000 km on the odometer, this car whose power has been increased from 277 to 350 hp is likely to unleash bidders, because it belonged to the actor
Paul Walker, made famous by the cinematography saga
Fast & Furious. Tragically and prematurely died in 2013 in a car accident, Walker owned a nice collection of racing cars. At the time of this writing, the bids for this BMW already reached 320,000 €!

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