This budget projector is perfect for watching the Rugby World Cup with friends

2023-09-05 13:09:09

Rugby World Cup 2023, films and series in streaming… With the Samsung video projector on sale, viewing will have the air of cinema at a bargain price!

This bonus offers you over $110 in savings on the Samsung Wireless Projector right now. Discover all the advantages of this model.

A portable, powerful and so cool home cinema!

Powerful, stylish and easy to use, the projector The Freestyle de Samsung is a real gem of technology. Project an image ranging from 30 inches to 100 inches depending on the position of the projector, and tilt it however you want for floor-to-ceiling viewing! With Full HD resolution and PurColor technology bringing all the colors to life, your images will gain in quality for stunning viewing.

Enjoy more than 30,000 hours of projected images thanks to the LED lamp of this latest generation video projector. Intelligent, The Freestyle automatically adjusts the screen so that it is always straight and rectangular, and even adapts the settings to obtain a clear and ultra sharp image!

Lightweight and portable, the Samsung The Freestyle projector is easy to take anywhere! Take it in your bag for a movie night with friends, put it in your suitcase for the holidays… Wherever you are, your personal home cinema accompanies you for entertainment like no other.

On the acoustic side, Samsung offers rich and powerful 360° sound, so that your visuals are accompanied by an equally immersive sound. You can also, thanks to Bluetooth, connect two pairs of headphones to the projector, in order to enjoy your viewings as a duo!

Samsung’s The Freestyle projector is only €685 instead of €799, an exceptional saving of €114! Here is an ideal offer not to be missed, for example to enjoy the Rugby World Cup with friends.

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Take advantage of an immediate discount of €114 on the video projector

On vacation, in your living room, with friends… The Samsung Freestyle video projector will revolutionize all your viewing! Discover the pleasure of the big screen at a bargain price with a 14% off offer on Rakuten.

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