This calculator tells you when you can be vaccinated against Covid-19

Many of us wonder when we will have access to the Covid-19 vaccination. To see more clearly, Omni Calculator has developed the “Tail calculator for the vaccine” in France.

To achieve collective immunity, 70% of French people must be vaccinated. However, the country has more than 67 million inhabitants. Suffice to say that the vaccine queue will be longer than that of the supermarket twenty minutes before the curfew. The Vaccine tail calculator therefore helps you to know if you are more near the cash desk or the automatic doors. It estimates how many people are priority for you and also gives a range when-to your likely vaccination date.

Unlike a PCR test, this one takes less than a minute to complete. However, you may take a little longer to recover from the shock of the result. As far as I’m concerned, I’m still not over it, and for good reason. I just learned that there were between 19,714,000 and 29,514,000 people before me in line to be vaccinated. My first hypothetical dose is therefore scheduled between 05/04/2022 and 12/19/2022, at the current vaccination rate.

Result of the vaccination queue calculator in France. Screenshot taken on Omni Calculator.

At least it gives me time to organize myself (always see the bright side). For the second, it will be necessary to wait between 05/25/2022 and 01/09/2023. Once again, positive point: I will have time to recover from the first dose. Negative point, for Pfizer, you should not exceed 23 days between doses so let’s hope that the difference is not too large. If the calculator is to be believed, the French will have to take their troubles patiently. It would take two years, five months, and 15 days for 56% of the population to be vaccinated at the current rate. Obviously, this does not take into account a possible acceleration of the campaign.

Estimated wait time before 56% of the population is vaccinated. Screenshot taken on Omni Calculator.

How to do the test?

If you want to do the same, nothing could be simpler. All you have to do is enter your age and specify if you are a resident of an institution for the elderly, if you are pregnant, if you are a health professional, a firefighter, a home help or if you suffer from previous disorders or illnesses. You are also asked to specify if you have been in high-risk contact with people infected with Covid-19.

The results of the tail calculator are based on data from the Haute Autorité de Santé and the expected rate of weekly vaccinations. The tool also relies on an average frequency of 500,000 vaccines per week and a participation rate of 56%. These initial assumptions can be modified during your research. In addition to the calculator, the site answers questions about the vaccine in the form of FAQs.



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