“This couple did not receive a fine, because they were in good faith”

Until April 1, non-essential travel to and from Belgium is prohibited. At the start of the Carnival holiday, the police therefore intended to ensure that the rules are respected.

Police do not yet have any statistics on the outcome of these checks, but initial reports show that most of those who wanted to cross the border were in order.

“However, we often hear that people have trouble finding the standard sworn declaration form,” explains Jana Verdegem, spokesperson for the Federal Police.

While non-essential travel is prohibited, exceptions are indeed provided for frontier workers or for urgent family reasons.

On the info-coronavirus.be website, travelers can find a form on which they can specify on their honor the reasons for their trip. But, according to the police, the existence of this document is not yet sufficiently known.

“We thus met an elderly couple who were in possession of a declaration that they themselves had drawn up,” explains Ms. Verdegem. “These people were not fined because they were obviously in good faith and within their rights. However, it would be useful if travelers had the right documents straight away ”.

Federal Minister of Public Enterprises Petra De Sutter (Groen) and Walloon Minister-President Elio Di Rupo (PS) indicated on RTL-TVI on Sunday that the ban on non-essential travel could be lifted before April 1. The measure will indeed be evaluated during the Consultation Committee on February 26.


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