This doctor no longer wants to work with the pager

The pandemic which is still raging in Quebec, despite an improvement in health checks and hospitalizations, will leave traces of its passage, but we must especially not go back to the old ways of doing things, judges a specialist doctor.

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To succeed in recovering from this unprecedented crisis, we must show innovation, judges Dr. Hoang Duong, president of the Association of specialists in internal medicine of Quebec.

This is because in addition to having to treat patients with COVID-19, health workers, some of whom are themselves sick and weakened by the current situation, want to make up for the time lost in recent months.

“However, the best way to make up for lost time is not to work harder or for longer, it is to improve our processes and catch up with our technological backwardness,” he explains in an interview on LCN airwaves.

The pager, for example, used every day by hundreds of doctors in Quebec, is a technology that is not efficient, explains Dr. Duong.

“I have to use it every day! The hospital communicates with me every day with the pager. I have to call back using the phone, the nurse has to answer and sometimes it’s to exchange trivial information like “see Mrs. X in room Y”. Information that we could text very easily, but that is not done, ”he laments.

Another glaring example: an intensive care nurse told her that she spent 80% of her time writing her notes in the file.

“80% of the time she can’t devote directly to patients. I am convinced that one could collect notes in a computer system by clicking. It could save our nurse time, ”he wishes.

Furthermore, he considers that if everyone worked as a team, the solutions would come easily and quickly.

“During the first wave, I remember, there were walls that were erected, we changed the way things were done, we were very innovative and quick to deal with the situation. It is quite a tribute to the creativity of which the network is capable. But for that, we must continue in the right direction. We must take advantage of this pandemic to modernize, ”he insists.

Although his proposals seem to be well received, he nevertheless feels a certain fear.

“We have always done things the same way and we think that if we change the quality will suffer, but we have to turn things around. It is by going back to old habits that the quality will decline, ”he said to himself convinced.

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