“This dream scenario is becoming more and more likely”

The beginnings of this good news arrived at the end of the week with the announcement by the CEO of BioNTech that certifications could be done as early as mid-December. Ursula von der Leyen also went in the same direction last Thursday. And it was Franck Vandenbroucke himself who said on Friday evening that vaccines should be able to start at the end of December even if only small quantities would be available in Belgium at that time.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) on the efficacy of the vaccine and its safety. According to Marc Kaptein, senior executive of Pfizer who speaks in Het Laatste Nieuws: “The EMA will now examine whether the vaccine is sufficiently effective, efficient and safe to allow it to enter the market”.

He says he always had the ambition to produce the vaccine for Christmas without really believing in it. “It has always been an ambition, a dream scenario. This optimal scenario, which we considered less likely, is now becoming more and more likely. It’s good news “.

50 million doses must be produced this year.


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