This famous company opens its doors to former Best Buy employees

Through their social networks Best Buy, the electronics store chain, thanked the Swedish furniture store IKEA his support for his former collaborators and for “opening the doors” to them in his company.

It should be noted that Best Buy decided to close its operations in Mexico last November.

This is due to the effects of the pandemic Covid-19 they went very deep and were able to keep their business.

“We are sure that you will find collaborators who will form a great team with you, thank you very much for your support, IKEA Mexico!”, He wrote in his account Twitter.

“We are excited by the possibility that they will be part of our team to help us make a better day for most people,” the Swedish company said in response.

Steren did the same

At the end of last year, the Mexican electronic products marketer, Steren, began hiring employees of Best Buy.

The first physical unit of IKEA in Mexico open its doors in the coming months.


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