This girl provoked me and I wanted to hit her

Still a movie crisis Owners nor dearest It continues, because of the controversy caused by the first Arab film productions presented by the “Netflix” platform.

This made some people keen to write down their opinion after watching the work, and perhaps the most recent of them was the Syrian singer Asala, who watched the film and expressed her opinion through her official page on the social networking site “Facebook”.

She confirmed that she had seen the movie, which she described as terrible and elaborate, and the dialogue is smart and the acting is genius, and she singled out Mona Zaki, who did not see an honest and real person like her.

She stressed that Mona Zaki deserves honor, praise and encouragement, because she is a star of creativity and art like no other, noting that she stuck in her place while watching the film and enjoyed and was fascinated by the idea, challenge and directing, to praise Nadine Labaki and Iyad Nassar, and also touched on the girl who presented the role of the daughter during the events of the film. .

Asala described her performance, saying, “The provocateur who made me wish from the bottom of my heart to be thirsty as a palm on her face…let her be forced from her so that she does not leave the house.”

The Syrian singer considered that the film competes with foreign films more carefully and with greater literature, especially since foreign works in this type of stories tell boldly and freely.

Emphasizing that she is proud of the level of films that present images of what is happening in societies, to conclude her speech by saying, “Bravo, bravo, bravo, ladies and teachers, who raised our heads and made us happy.”

As usual, talking about this film, Asala, in her opinion, joined the list of artists who clashed with the followers, where she received many comments attacking her because of her opinion, and some demanded that she sing only and not express her opinion on artwork.

Since the first hours of the film’s release on the digital platform, there is a state of severe division among the followers, with demands to stop showing the film, ban it, and hold those responsible to account.

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