This Golden Retriever refuses to leave his suffering master (video)

Posted by Justine on 29 Jan 2021

It is a fact, the dog is man’s best friend. In the story we are sharing with you today, a Golden Retriever can’t leave the bedside of his master who has to wear a fan to sleep. Check out the love this dog has for his owner in the video below:

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A caring Golden Retriever

How not to fall for a Golden Retriever after seeing this video? Full member of the family, the dog named Mao Mao, lives to protect and take care of his master. So when her owner has to sleep with a fan after suffering d’hypertension blood pressure and heart disease, it do not let go of a sole.

As soon as he wears the device that allows him to avoid cardiac arrest, son dog runs to watch his every move. He watches over him during his naps and even at night! It is impossible to get him out of the room, he is so worried about his owner. A true love story!

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The Golden Retriever, a full member of the family

In the video we see the man trying to comfort your dog while trying to get it to move. He says : “Mao Mao, don’t worry. I’m fine. You can and aller ». Indeed, the Golden Retriever rests his head on his master’s chest, refusing to leave him. The man is certain of one thing: “Every time I turn on the ventilator, the dog seems to have smelled something, as if he knows that I am sick”, relate the DailyMail.

This video touched million internet users : “Dogs know just like humans! They are truly our family ”. Some even share similar situations : “When I get sick, my dog ​​always stayed next to me. He refuses to eat and looks so worried, truly heartwarming! “

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