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Young Yum Pills are effective against chronic fatigue

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a complex disease that can seriously affect people’s daily lives. In addition, there are only limited treatment options. A recent study has now shown that so-called Young Yum Pills, a special herbal preparation, can be used to alleviate CFS-like symptoms.

A Chinese research team from Hong Kong Baptist University has investigated the use of Young Yum Pills against chronic fatigue syndrome and also analyzed the metabolic effects of the herbal preparation. The corresponding study results were published in the specialist magazine “Phytomedicine“.

Versatile use in Chinese medicine

In Chinese medicine, the Young Yum Pills are used, among other things, to improve the constitution, strengthen the spleen, relieve tiredness, exhaustion and loss of appetite as well as a wide range of other ailments. However, so far there is a lack of scientific evidence for the effect in many areas of application.

Mechanisms of action investigated

In the current study, the researchers have now examined the pharmacological effects and mechanisms of action of the pills in model tests on mice with chronic fatigue syndrome. Among other things, the research team determined the performance of the animals in swimming tests and analyzed lymphocyte proliferation as well as biochemical parameters and the protein content in the blood serum.

Multi-layered positive effects

“The daily administration of Young Yum Pills for 21 consecutive days significantly extended the swimming time and reduced the body weight loss of the CFS mice,” the researchers report on the results of the study. Furthermore, there were multiple positive effects on the metabolism, so that, for example, the triglyceride, lactic acid and urea nitrogen levels in the mice decreased.

Young Yum Pills suitable for treatment

The research team concludes that Young Yum Pills can provide relief from chronic fatigue syndrome by improving metabolic functions and reducing oxidative damage. In addition, some parameters of the immune function in the mice had also improved. “This study provides pharmacological justifications for the use of Young Yum Pills in the treatment of fatigue, including CFS,” the researchers conclude. (fp)

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