This is Aurel Hermansyah’s condition after being slandered by the boy having an exciting video

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The first daughter of Anang Hermansyah namely Aurel Hermansyah, recently experienced an unpleasant incident.

The person behind the @ aisyah_maharani_123 account, accused her of being a sassy woman and asked him to stay away from Atta Halilintar.

Even, account that turns out to be managed by the little boy, accused Aurel of having lots of perverted videos. Hearing this, Aurel’s continued mother, Ashanty, was furious.

Ashanty posted the slander that Aurel received through his upload on Instagram. He also revealed Aurel’s current condition after receiving the slander.

Wife This Anang Hermansyah stated, Aurel had felt sad after receiving this baseless slander.

“But when someone smells like this he will be sad,” said Ashanty, when met at Polda Metro Jaya, Friday (7/8).

Then, Ashanty said that Aurel usually stronger against netizens’ malicious comments.

“Initially that complain to me fans, I don’t know either. Sometimes she (fans) would tell her, sometimes Loly (Aurel’s greeting) would also tell her, ‘why are you like this’. Even though he is usually the strongest person if you say it first, “added Ashanty.

Ashanty then emphasized, he and Anang are still asking for directions and considering that in the future this case will not be repeated.

“We ask for good directions so that in the future we cannot go this far again,” concluded Ashanty.

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