This is Dominic Cummings, Johnson’s “Rasputin” who can resign for skipping confinement

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They say in the halls of Whitehall that Dominic Cummings is to Boris Johnson what Rasputin is to Tsar Nicholas. Although in the analogy there is an important difference: while Tsarina Alexandra was so absolutely dazzled by the monk with a reputation as a healer that she even declared in a letter that she only had one wish, “to fall asleep, to sleep forever on your shoulders, hugged by you ”(make no mistake, that his statement was not romantic, but that of a person overwhelmed by his most faithful confidant), the couple of British Prime Minister Carrie Symonds, the last thing he wants is a hug from Cummings. The 48-year-old journalist and politician do not make good friends. Although she is not the only one who does not have a good relationship with her partner’s favorite adviser: if last February the British press echoed a heated discussion between the two regarding the restructuring of the cabinet that the “premier” launched Since then, the controversy around Cummings has not stopped growing.

Accused by the press and by some ministers and advisers of having a very aggressive attitude that hurts the head of the Government and, therefore, the country, then caused the departure of the Executive of a heavyweight in a half reorganization after the victory of the conservative leader in the elections of December 12 and after the launch of Brexit on January 31. Former Treasury Minister Sajid Javid unexpectedly resigned after being ordered to fire his own team, which he refused. According to a spokesman, “The Prime Minister indicated that he had to fire all his special advisers and replace them with special advisers appointed by” number 10 “(the office of the head of government). The chancellor said that no minister respectful of his team would accept those terms. He was immediately replaced by the hitherto chief secretary of the Treasury, Rishi Sunak, who has taken a leading role during the coronavirus crisis. John McDonnell, shadow chancellor of the Labor Party, said that “Dominic Cummings has clearly won the battle to take complete control of the Treasury and install his puppet” as finance minister.

Javid’s resignation came amid an escalation of tension with Dominic Cummings, Johnson’s top adviser and right-hand man, who continues to increase. A few weeks ago he was again at the center of the controversy after a British media revealed that he attended some meetings of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), in charge of advising the Government regarding the emergency of Covid-19, what that aroused mistrust and multiple criticisms from various fronts, including the opposition, and caused the Executive to publish the list of Sage members, in an exercise in half transparency, since their names do not appear on it. The media and the population wondered, once again, why it seems that Cummings is always behind everything that is happening in the Government and his presence questioned the independence of the scientific group.

Confinement was skipped
In the midst of a pandemic that monopolizes most of the news, her name has returned to the headlines, after learning that she confined herself to the confinement to which the British population has been subjected since last March 23 when moving between their London home and the Their parents’ home in Durham County, about 400 kilometers away, according to an investigation by The Mirror and The Guardian newspapers, when the couple had symptoms of Covid-19. Cummings justified the decision that her son needed to be “properly cared for.” This weekend, other media reported that they had skipped confinement on more occasions.

Durham police condemned the events after speaking with the politician’s family, at least a dozen deputies from his own party have called for his resignation and the leader of the opposition Labor party, Keir Starmer, demands an investigation and condemns the passivity of the prime minister Boris Johnson, who has closed the doors to any criticism, defending his right-hand sword.

The Brexit man
The so-called «architect of Brexit», since he was not only one of the main promoters of the divorce between the United Kingdom and the European Union, but its main strategist, was born in Durham, in the northeast of England, in 1971. He is married to the journalist Mary Wakefield, editor of “The Spectator” magazine, where Johnson also worked, and they became parents to a child in 2016. A fan of Russia and its culture, he speaks the language perfectly and is an avid reader of novelists like Dostoevsky. .

According to famous “The Guardian” journalist Patrick Wintour, he is obsessed with Anna Karenina, Bismarck, and mathematics. Maybe that’s where his patience comes from, both mathematical and political. The last one that came out well was the breakdown of the so-called “Red Wall”, the traditionally voting regions of the Labor Party that in the past elections chose the Tories. And they were served the triumph on a platter.

He is also a lover of science and technology, and it is believed that, also through his influence, Boris Johnson has given great importance to these areas in his speeches. The idea of ​​making the UK a scientific power in the post-Brexit era was one of the ‘premier’s’ great promises, who have even said that, despite his plans to regulate immigration with a strict point system, High-level scientists will have a “free way” to live and work in the country.

Graduated in Modern History from Oxford University, Cummings had his great foray into the British Government in 2007 under the protection of then Secretary of Education Michael Gove. And since then he has carved a path for himself with few friends, more and more enemies, and great victories. Despite being as intelligent as he is creative, something that no one denies, his forms put more than one person on the nerves, since he can be as charismatic as he is explosive.

In any case, the best way to know him – or not – is to read his blog, in which he doesn’t cut a hair with his opinions. Or read what others think of him. Like former Prime Minister David Cameron, who in 2014 called him a “professional psychopath.” Boris Johnson, however, is his most faithful protector. .


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