this is his movie mode

Although this option is designed to not play anything, it allows us to customize the experience like never before.

After signing a legendary horror game as it was Until Dawn, Supermassive Games he has ready all your weapons to scare us with The Quarry. Although the game is scheduled for release in June 10ththis does not prevent its developers from raising the expectations of fans of the genre with a 30 minute gameplay which introduces us to his lugubrious argument.

The movie mode will also let us decide if all the characters live or dieHowever, Supermassive Games has also thought of those users who do not want to spend so much time playing the action and, therefore, will release its title with a movie mode. But do not think that this option is reduced to presenting us with a story already prepared, because we will be able to modify behavior and attitudes of the characters before starting the film session.

Source: IGN

In this way, the protagonists of The Quarry act and make decisions different according to the type of personality that we have assigned to them. In addition, this mode also maximizes our role as a film director and gives us the opportunity to choose the fate of the characters so that everyone survive or die. A customization that ultimately manages to create a lot of possibilities in a single movie.

If you are interested in the premise presented by Supermassive Games, please note that The Quarry will be released for Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5 y PC. As for this last platform, we already know the minimum and recommended requirements to work properly on our systems, something you can check in a moment.

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