This is how Corona manipulates .. the immune system may attack itself

Day after day, shocking medical information about nature is revealed Corona Virus Its dialogue and how it affects our bodies, specifically our immune system.

A new study has revealed that the virus is able to manipulate our immune system and make it somehow attack itself, according to a recent study published by Science Alert.

The study was conducted on a case of an American patient who contracted the virus and lost vision in his right eye for two days after his recovery from it, which raised many questions.

Vision loss and headache

In detail, a report by a team of doctors from the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York revealed that the man had recovered from the virus, but had a headache after a week.

Soon, the vision in his right eye faded, to the point where he could only make specific movements, and any movement made with that eye also caused severe pain.

In addition, the tomography revealed that the source of the patient’s suffering is sinusitis, which extends to the right side of his face.

I missed the opportunity

bone erosion

The condition was so serious that it eroded the bone itself, which required an emergency procedure to remove as much of the inflamed material as possible from each cavity.

However, surgery seemed like a successful strategy at first, but soon the pain returned and his vision worsened again.

Tissue examinations showed the presence of a bacterium called Streptococcus constellatus. These good bacteria are usually in the intestines and oral cavity, but they turn bad when they are transferred to other areas of the body.

Cross-sectional images of the brain (iStock)

Cross-sectional images of the brain (iStock)

Proliferation of an active type of white cell

Also, further testing revealed a proliferation of an active type of white blood cell, one that normally produces a small, foreign antibody called IgG4.

This type is notorious for causing its own series of problems through autoimmune diseases that can affect almost any part of the body, causing inflammation and causing all kinds of pain.

The study found that COVID-19 is usually the mastermind when it comes to tampering with our immune response.

However, she explained that it is too early to draw any strong conclusions between the two diseases, especially with the many cases at hand that are still being studied.

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