This is how country brand logos look in other countries

The controversy over the Dominican Republic country brand logo has dominated the conversation on social media from the moment it was revealed earlier this week.

Opinions on the aesthetics of the design range between criticism and praise, however, once the image of a similar logo, created by a Russian illustrator in 2014, went viral, accusations of plagiarism surrounded the consortium that won the tender for the development of this project.

In response, Beker, one of the companies in the winning consortium, issued a statement stating that the image used for the Dominican country brand is an original design from that agency.

But similarly the country brand of other nations have been the subject of not only criticism, but also allegations of plagiarism.

Argentina is an example of this, which in 2018 changed the logo that represented it to a simpler one: a white letter “A” enclosed in a blue circle.

The reason is just as simple, according to the regional director of the company that designed it, Gustavo Koniszczer, who said that this represents “Argentina inserted in the world from its place in the south”, explaining that it functions as a “window to the different possibilities it has in terms of tourism, investment and cultural offer “.

This design, and the marketing plan, initially cost the Argentine government US $ 502,150 (RD $ 29,327,212) according to the Infobae portal, with the total figure undetermined, taking into account the money used to replace the previous design of the advertisements.

The accusations of plagiarism are due to the comparison of this logo with that of the English news blog Mashable, since both consist of a letter within a light blue circle, with the slight difference in that it has the letter M on the right.


The country brand of Honduras is inspired by the geographical silhouette of this nation, with a multicolored sketch of it, each of these representing a characteristic of its society.

In this case, the design selection process was open to all Hondurans of legal age, with the winner of the contest taking the prize of 9,000 dollars (around 525,629 pesos), second place 4,500 (262,814 pesos) and third 2,200 ( 128,487 pesos).

In the case of Honduras, criticism of its country brand is not directed at the logo, but at the management that has been given to it, with several officials accused of corruption and the waste of funds, mainly the artistic representatives who used to promote it.


One of the giants of Latin America, who occupied the second highest place of a nation in this region in the classification of the best country brands in the world in 2019 by the firm Bloomberg Consulting, reaching position 16.

The Mexican logo is made up of the word “Mexico”, and each of these letters has a design representing various aspects of this country, from references to its antiquity, to the wide biodiversity it possesses, its distinctive architecture and its famous beaches.


Abandoning its colorful logo, Brazil opted for a simpler and immediately recognizable one. It has the name of the South African country, accompanied on its left by one of its distinctive emblems: its flag.

With small changes, the blue circle and the yellow diamond that surrounds it are larger than the green rectangle that makes up the Brazilian flag, the logo is complemented by its new slogan “Visit us and love us.”


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