This is how Eiza González reappears after the tremendous scandal at a private party after the Super Bowl

The Mexican actress wore tremendous leggings but nobody forgets that the weekend went partying with former Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato

Eiza Gonzalez appears after the tremendous scandal that has starred alongside Demi lovato and the former of Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, next to an erotic dancer.

The actress of Mexican origin has been caught walking through the streets with a sports outfit that left her curves exposed, since she only wore a small blue top, which left her abdomen in sight, in the best style of Jennifer Lopez. While the leggings were shorter, since it did not cover his ankles.

The paparazzi caught Eiza in her most carefree facet and far from the Hollywood reflectors, since in the image you can see her long, almost, almost disheveled loose hair.

It is possible that to protect your face from sun-generated spots, the Mexican will wear only a moisturizer, sunscreen and a small layer of bb cream. The rest of its appeal is born from the beauty of its curves, a fact that did not go unnoticed by any of those present.

Eiza González / The Grosby Group
Eiza González / The Grosby Group

The scandal with Demi Lovato and Calvin Harris, on the other hand, has not been able to be mitigated as quickly as she would like, since now in Hollywood they are both signaled for having become very daring with an erotic dancer in a tanguita.

The young and famous celebrities went to enjoy the night after the Super Bowl final to the famous E11EVEN Nightclub. This erotic private party has caused many to remember the scandal of Dua Lipa and Rosalia, who became equally daring after the Grammy. Now Eiza González and Demi Lovato are being accused of “false feminism.”

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