This is how incredible a PS5 with Horizon Forbidden West design would be

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The official design of the PlayStation 5 has become a blank sheet on which fans can unleash their imaginations. So far, Sony has only confirmed the color scheme that we know of, but there are sure to be special editions at some point and for the debut of specific titles. Well ben, some fans hope that for the next generation these models go further so that they do not look like a standard console with stickers attached and one already thinks about the edition that could accompany the launch of Horizon Forbidden West.

One of the announcements that most surprised fans at the PS5 reveal event was the confirmation of the rumored sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. As Aloy appeared on the scene, tempers flared as the first game in the new Guerrilla Games franchise captivated PS4 users in 2017. That said, many think its debut will be big and Sony might well take the opportunity to launch a PS5 with special design of Horizon Forbidden West.

Hence, Twitter user POPeART went ahead showing how this PS5 commemorating the debut of Horizon Forbidden West. According to his proposal, the console and the DualSense must capture the clash between the technological and natural world that occurs in the game, so that both pieces show their side as machines, but at the same time they reveal the advance of nature . Also, both the console and the control would have a detail as damage caused by one of the game machines.

Horizon Forbidden West It is in development for PS5 and in this link you will find all the information related to the new work of Guerrilla Games.

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