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Mavé Weekly Tarot.

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Mavé Weekly Tarot.


You cannot ignore the emotional drain and uncertainty, among others, that the pandemic has brought; they have struck, they have left scars and many losses. In the midst of so much tumble and suffering, he affirms that many things are changing. There are currents that are turning the world upside down. You will then focus on regaining confidence. Candles of all colors, many candles of all colors.


Some ask him, why do you insist on being contrary? The rebellion, which he has tattooed on his skin, like an old seal, warms his blood, enlivens his words and gives force to his performances. It also leads him to knock down dogmas and false idols. And about this, the writer Sorayda Peguero says: “You have to walk backwards to know the fantastic… Some believe they know more than they really do. They have forgotten how to walk backwards … ”. A red candle seven days a week, without fail.


It will take up old projects, without waiting for others to join. It is not necessary to continue explaining its validity; has stressed ad nauseam that they are the result of many hours of work, they are well thought out. Of course it is risky to undertake your projects alone, but you cannot continue sitting in your living room, waiting for a knock on the door… An orange candle seven days a week.

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