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Mavé Weekly Tarot.

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Mavé Weekly Tarot.


He insists on remaining calm in the tense atmosphere of his work, in which several close the door and leave, faced with the difficulty of signing agreements, after many useless discussions, which redden the eyes and dry out the throat and voice. You will not be a hot head – another one – at this time, in which serenity must prevail. A white candle seven days a week, without fail.


You believe that you will see the road again and will advance thanks to the experience acquired in the bad hours. However, crestfallen and very quiet, he has come to think that the future may be worse than this difficult present. And he hopes, by way of supplication, that the collective thought will find a way so that it is not like that. I wish. Two red candles seven days a week, one in the morning and one at night.


You calmly review the work schedule, goals, and accomplishments. And you go back to asking the questions you already asked and proposing new hypotheses to solve old problems, like a judicious student before taking the test. The planet has been about to fly into atoms and the way to continue is not to fall into eagerness, which is one step away from madness … White candles, many white candles.

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