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Mavé Weekly Tarot.

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Mavé Weekly Tarot.


Many seek him out because he knows how to put themselves in the other’s shoes. In addition, his intense life makes him a good counselor who encourages people to overcome obstacles and live exciting experiences. It also keeps secrets; he does not run to tell what he is told, he is not part of the gossip, which makes the life of others roll, which is sacred, on everyone’s lips. One white candle seven days a week.


The world is going through a difficult time, like those great tsunamis in history, as if Pandora’s box had been opened and all evils escaped, as if there was no safe place on the planet and its inhabitants were at the mercy of implacable forces. . But there are also islands of goodness where life flourishes. Candles of all colors, many candles of all colors.


According to the Ace of Wands of the Tarot, you have the obligation to express what you think without reservation, and to assume the consequences of your frankness, especially since in your work the slogan is to cover, cover and cover. You cannot give the slightest impression that you agree with what is happening; He does not want to play appearances, he does not want to raise more smoke screens. The time has come to point out what is wrong. A red candle seven days a week, without fail.

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