This is how Kurt Panouses works, the ‘lottery lawyer’ who helps you when you win it

He is in charge of collecting the prizes, advising his clients and, if necessary, making them “disappear” so that they can enjoy their fortune. in the most absolute anonymity. He is a kind of “Mr. Wolf”, a la Tarantino, who erases tracks of an award and ensures that his clients do not lose their minds when they become billionaires overnight.

Of his latest client, a $ 16.5 million (more than 13.5 million euros) winner from the Florida lottery has only transpired that he bought the ticket two days after American Thanksgiving. According to the lawyer, he had stayed jobless due to the pandemic and had no income.

You win the lottery, but you don’t find out until a month later … and by chance


What will you do with the money? Kurt Panouses is clear about his advice: nothing at the moment. “It’s not going to change much. Not many purchases are on the horizon. You know, what makes me feel happy is that this person is thinking about things. It’s not just things that they buy on impulses “, has assured Florida Today.

You have to erase the trail

Panouses assures that he is very involved with this winner, who needed the money so much. It will help you with your taxes and is also advising you on how to invest the prize and when and how to collect it. If necessary, when everything is processed, you will get the winners “disappear” a few weeks, perhaps a trip, so that no one suspects.

He is not the first winner he represents. First, create a trust and bank accounts so they can collect the prize. If the winner wants to remain anonymous, it is best not to sign the back of the tickets, as it is not necessary. You must ensure that you handle the ticket correctly and do not go directly to headquarters lottery to claim the winnings.

If the ticket was bought together, recommend a confidentiality agreement

The prize winner has already collected their winnings in one lump sum. They have withheld 24% for various tax charges. In addition, you will have to pay another 13% to meet the lottery tax obligations in the State of Florida.

According to Panouses, keeping the victory quiet prevents “lost2 friends and family, people with whom you had no contact, as well as strangers and scammers, try to contact the winner.

Kurt Panouses, the 'lottery lawyer' collected the prize
Kurt Panouses, the ‘lottery lawyer’ collected the prize

“If people find out that you won, they could show up at your house,” explains the lawyer. As he recommends, it is also worth changing the mobile and landline number and, to be even safer, close all accounts in social networks.

How to invest the prize

Panouses has already represented several Florida lottery winners. For example, it represents the couple that won the “US Lottery of the Century.” They made $ 328 million (294.5 million euros) with a ticket bought from a supermarket. According to the lawyer, they are two “judicious tax administrators who are not interested in fame or publicity.”

“They are doing well. I have contact with them regularly, because there are always little legal things that they need, “he explained.” They are giving a lot of charitable gifts, anonymously. ”

Photo: Tomasz Bogdanski, collecting his check for 75,000 euros (National Lottery)
Win 75,000 euros to the lottery thanks to his wife’s streak

The confidential

Help the winners to invest your money. He sits down with them and asks what things they wish they had. “And after we sit down with that list, then it’s a question of, ‘Do we want to buy these things? Are they a necessity? Or are they a luxury item? We’re going to try to put off luxury items for another six months.'” , has explained.

After luck, reflection must come. Better to invest them with a head: “And then they have a feeling of, ‘OK, my 10 million at 3.5% interest gets me 350,000 a year. And I feel comfortable with that, because I never have to touch the 10 million”, has insured.

The script of a movie

Panouses has experienced so many surreal situations in his work as a “lottery lawyer” that he does not rule out writing a movie script about gambling. You already have a 10+ page outline. In fact, in his head he thinks of actors who could play the various winners and their stories.

It’s a fun practice. Because wealth comes in like a death, but no one dies. So everyone is happy, “he explained.” You have stories with each client. And I’m using some of those stories and some of those events to beautify this movie that I’m trying to develop as well. ”

He is working on a film script with the stories of the winners

In his head he imagines an actor like Zach Galifianakis (Hangover) playing the grandson of a lottery winner, for example.

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