This is how ‘La Liendra’ reacted to the withdrawal of the tax reform

¡The Nit is not exchanged for anyone! The influencer who is quite active on digital platforms, expressed his happiness at the announcement of President Iván Duque about the withdrawal of the tax reform, a bill that has triggered multiple demonstrations throughout the country.

Through your Instagram account, Mauricio Gomez, He shared a funny video in which he shows the emotion he felt when he found out that the reform was withdrawn by the president, after the serious situations that it has generated in the streets.

To the rhythm of the song “Colombia Tierra Querida”, an anthem for all Colombians, with the Colombian National Team shirt and with the flag in hand, the influencer celebrated the decision of the National Government.

“We knocked down the tax reform, we did it! I did not expect it, what emotion, what news, I do not know what is coming but let’s take advantage of the present. I’m proud of my country because we made it! “Said the content creator amid the hubbub.

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