This is how Lake Maracaibo looks from space

The photo was taken on September 10 this year: BBC.


08:00 PM / 10/10/2020

A photo for Venezuelans, especially for Zulianos. This is how Lake Maracaibo, in Venezuela, looks from space, the BBC reported on Instagram (@bbcmundo).

The image was captured on September 10 and, as explained on Thursday 8-O, is from @gcom_jaxa. GCOM (Global Change Observation Mission) is a Jaxa project for long-term observation of Earth’s environmental changes.

La Jaxa (@jaxajp) is the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, for its acronym in English.

In the post they remember the majesty of the Catatumbo Lightning, unique in the world.

The BBC points out: “An average of 297 electrical storms occur per year, from which a natural light show known as the Catatumbo Lightning is derived.”

The Guinness Record Organization, whose headquarters are in London, endorsed the scientific studies presented in August 2013, with the aim of accrediting this natural attraction as the place in the world – south of Zulia – where the greatest amount is generated. of lightning per square kilometers per year.

This was made possible thanks to the environmentalist Erik Quiroga, promoter of the creation of the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer and who requested that the Lightning or Lighthouse of Catatumbo be taken into account due to the concurrence of electric discharges.

“The Lightning continues to be one of the most important scientific mysteries in the world, in which many specialists continue to collect evidence to understand its magnitude and explain its functionality to present and future generations. This is why this event should be commemorated worldwide, ”Quiroga said, quoted in La Opinion de Cúcuta.

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