This is how mobile hospitals bought in Honduras should be

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Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

What should the hospitals acquired by Honduras Strategic Investments (Invest-H)? Will they be simple shells with nothing inside? Will the remaining hospitals come?

These are the main doubts that assail Hondurans due to the controversial and irregular purchase that cost the Honduran treasury more than 1,174 million of lempiras, $ 47.4 million.

Faced with those questions, THE PRESS was in charge of finding out what exactly the Government of Honduras bought on March 18 and April 2 from Elmed Medical System del businessman Axel López.

In recent days, doubts about the content of the containers that come on the Ijsselborg ship have increased, given that the number of these does not match the number of beds and hospital equipment that must be incorporated into the care modules sent by the Turkish company Nuris Prefabrik.

LEA: Doubts Grow Due to Weight of Mobile Hospital Containers

The report that Marco Bográn handed over to the board of directors of the National Congress on June 23, in his appearance before the plenary session, it is the clearest thing that we have so far of the specifications of each of the mobile hospitals in the absence of a contract and the generalities contained in the purchase and commercial invoices issued by Invest-H and Elmed Medical System.

According to this document, the hospitals that arrived yesterday must have 91 beds distributed as follows: two for triage, three for emergencies, 76 for care of highly dependent patients and 10 full beds of intensive care. Meanwhile, 51-bed hospitals should consider two for triage, three for emergencies, four for ICU, 42 for care of patients with minor to critical symptoms (high dependency), of which 16 spaces can be gradually expanded for use in intensive care.

They should also have a triage and emergency area, high-dependency units, an intensive care unit, another radiology unit, a sterilization area, warehouse, rest room for doctors and nurses, patient bathrooms, staff bathrooms. doctor, polyclinic, microbiology laboratory, morgue kitchen, dining room, power generator, laundry, dishwasher area, tech support unit and water tank.

In addition to all medical supplies, each hospital will have a medical waste plant, an air and medicinal gas treatment system, among other things.
According to analysts, if something else is delivered “We will be facing a monumental fraud.”



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