This is how Muslim students in Germany think

Freedom of expression ends with prophets
Image: Illustration Thomas Fuchs

What do Muslim youth in Germany think of the attacks in France and Austria? Where does freedom of expression end for you? Our author asked around in schools, mosques and on the street.

EA secondary school on the outskirts of Frankfurt: A teacher tells how he wrote three words on the blackboard two weeks ago: “Paris, teacher, Mohammed.” First of all, he reaped a perplexed silence, because most of the students were unaware of the murder of Samuel Got Paty. When he cleared them up, there were critical counter-questions: What about the attacks on us? What about the Muslims who were killed in Paris?

Livia Gerster

Political editor for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

The teacher was astonished because he again hadn’t heard anything about it. He quickly researched the Internet that two Muslim women were injured with a knife at the Eiffel Tower a few days after Paty’s murder. “That’s awful,” he said. “But I still want to talk to you about the fact that a colleague of mine perished because he dealt with a topic that is also important to me: freedom of expression.”


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