This is how Orlando Bloom’s son Flynn reacted to the baby news

Is Flynn Bloom (9) already looking forward to his half-sister? Orlando Bloom (43), the nine-year-old’s father, and his fiancée Katy Perry (35) are currently expecting their first offspring together – and repeatedly emphasize that they are really excited about the birth of their daughter. For the actor, however, the role of father is nothing new: He already has a son who emerged from his marriage to Miranda Kerr (37). But what does he say about the fact that his dad is having a child with another woman?

Interview with Hello! explained Orlando: “Flynn couldn’t be more excited to have a baby sister – he already has two brothers from Miranda. Although the circumstances are definitely unusual, this is a wonderful time for us. “In addition, the offspring of the curse of the Caribbean stars is likely to see its sibling quite often in the future: Flynn lives with both his mother and father. However, he only has the time during the lockdown Katy and Orlando spent.

Katy also sees a great advantage in the fact that Orlando already brings offspring into the relationship. “The good thing is that his child is already nine. He’s done all of this before, so he knew exactly which one to take when shopping for a stroller, for example.”the singer told im a few weeks ago Hits Radio-Interview.

Orlando Bloom im Februar 2020
Orlando Bloom with his son Flynn
Katy Perry, singer


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