This is how party tourists in the ski area circumvent the corona measures

In the ski resort of St. Anton, numerous young party tourists celebrate in private accommodations – thanks to a bureaucratic loophole. This is reminiscent of the Corona hotspot Ischgl. The mayor sounds the alarm.

From the winter sports resort Ischgl from that spread Coronavirus Rapidly within Europe at the beginning of 2020. The ski area became a veritable hub of the pandemic. This is another reason why ski tourism is in Austria currently severely restricted. In the popular holiday resort of St. Anton, however, numerous young tourists from abroad evidently circumvent the applicable measures and bans and resort to tricks from the Internet. Mayor Helmut Mall is very concerned about the skyrocketing number of cases, the police have stepped up controls.

You can see in the video above which tricks young tourists are currently using to avoid the Corona measures in St. Anton and what the mayor is calling for. You can find the post too here.


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