This is how Real Madrid trains

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Real Madrid players work from home today. They train in their private gyms and gardens. The Madrid coaching staff are in full contact with their footballers to organize daily preparation.

Zidane men have a specific plan of exercises, running, weights, bodybuilding, speed, endurance and stretching. The technical body has sent them a periodic work system.

Players actually do a fifteen day preseason at home. Varane has sent a photo of his training in his private gym. Lucas Vázquez has published an image of his work in the garden and of that little boy who wants to imitate him. Nice picture.

Real Madrid will take advantage of the break in the competitions to make an individual preseason for each footballer at home. Players of Zidane have to pass the test for coronavirus, the disease that basketball player Thompkins is a victim of, and if they have no problem they will train at home.

The plan will last fifteen days, so Zizou’s men must take advantage of the viral crisis to carry out a full-blown preseason and get in shape before the end of a season that will be delayed on all its dates.

The break benefits Marco Asensio, who hopes to reappear in April, and the injured Marcelo and Thibaut Courtois, recently injured in Seville.

Real Madrid in full is in quarantine for the positive of Thompkins. The doctors and employees of the entity have also gone home at eleven-thirty in the morning, as the soccer and basketball teams share food spaces and other facilities in Valdebebas. All Real Madrid are in quarantine and will undergo the coronavirus test and will not play either the League or the Champions. .


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