This is how the 2020 BetPlay League quarterfinals began

Quarterfinals – Liga BetPlay Dimayor / (Twitter: @Dimayor).

The final stretch of Colombian professional football to meet the champion of the 2020 edition of the BetPlay League Dimayor has already started. On the day of Saturday, November 21 they faced Equity Vs. Deportivo Cali Y America de Cali Vs Atlético Nacional.

Both matches had video arbitration assistance (VAR) technology, decisive in the duel between scarlets and purslane at the Pascual Guerrero Stadium.

Cali missed the victory over the final in Bogotá

Deportivo Cali visited Equidad at the Estadio Metropolitano de Techo, dominated 88 minutes and at the end Equidad tied it with a stopped ball / (Twitter: @Dimayor).

Deportivo Cali visited Equidad at the Estadio Metropolitano de Techo, dominated 88 minutes and at the end Equidad tied it with a stopped ball / (Twitter: @Dimayor).

In the green duel there was parity between insurers and sugar companies. The match played at the Metropolitano de Techo stadium showed Deportivo Cali superiority from the start of the engagement. Just two minutes of play were enough for Cali to get up on the scoreboard of the key. It was Jhon Vásquez who put the 0-1 in favor of the sugar box.

From that moment until minute 89 of the commitment, Cali maintained its dominance and although there were opportunities for both teams, favoritism rested on the Valle del Cauca team. However, with a brilliant performance by Uruguayan Matías Mier, Equidad managed to overcome the scoreboard from a corner kick and leave the commitment tied assisting Joan Castro, central defender who sentenced the final 1-1 with little to go after an error from Cali on the mark.

Although there were several medium-distance shots and approaches that surrounded the insurance goal, the stick and the interventions of the goalkeeper prevented more scores by Angulo and Palavecino.

Alexis García, Equidad coach, recognized the talent of the Cali players and showed his balance of the game in which the insurers had 63% of possession. “I think it was a very even game in the first half. Cali has very good players, a very early goal was found in our mistake that totally conditioned the game, accommodated them and stressed us. But I think that after Equidad in the generality of the game was the dominator of the game, it was the team that set the conditions, which deserved to have tied for a long time, ”Garcia said in subsequent statements at a press conference.

For his part, the Deportivo Cali coach, Alfredo Arias, was satisfied with the performance of Cali despite the fact that the victory escaped them ending. “There are things that cannot be analyzed. When a team creates clear chances, which go to the sticks, and does not receive as many clear chances from the rival, it is because they deserved to win. I’m happy with what the team did because they made a great effort, ”said the Uruguayan coach at a press conference.

Jefferson Duque, key player in Nacional’s victory over America

Jefferson Duque, appears in the match between América de Cali and Atlético Nacional / (Twitter: @Dimayor).

Jefferson Duque, appears in the match between América de Cali and Atlético Nacional / (Twitter: @Dimayor).

The launch of this game was in suspense until the afternoon of November 20, due to a lawsuit from Patriotas where they requested the three points for an improper registration of América de Cali. However, the lawsuit was unsuccessful and the ruling of the Disciplinary Commission came out in favor of the ‘scarlets’.

During the game, Adrián Ramos had several clear options to define when the score was 0-0. Subsequently, an imprudence presented at minute 26 of the game put Nacional ahead, when the commitment referee Edilson Ariza decided to review the VAR to expel Rodrigo Ureña, a Chilean player from the scarlet box.

In an arrival from America at minute 35, the Red Devils managed to put the advantage in their favor. The referee had to resort again to the VAR to review a foul within the area that ended in a penalty for the locals. In cross shot Ramos sentenced with a goal to 1-0 from twelve steps at minute 38.

In less than 10 minutes, a play engineered by Jefferson Duque within the American area, ended in a maximum penalty for the purslane team. The same Duque defined with a pause and a small jump from the twelve steps, leaving the Venezuelan goalkeeper Joel Graterol displaced and tying the series 1-1.

Just as it happened in Bogotá in the commitment between Equidad and Cali, with a few minutes remaining to give the final whistle of the commitment, a header allowed him to break the tie to Atlético Nacional at Pascual Guerrero, it was ‘La Fiera’, Jefferson Duque, who put the final 1-2 after a cross ball from Vladimir Hernández.

Duque, figure of the party, declared that little by little the purslane team is recovering the level that it was losing. “I think we were a very committed team, that date after date we are finding that game we want. At the beginning it cost us a bit, but it is always important to be able to contribute. We knew it was a classic and we had to win it yes or yes, ”said the purslane striker.

Likewise, the technical director of America, Juan Cruz Real, criticized the arbitration of the quarterfinal key in Cali. “We had arrivals, we dominated the rival and then at minute 27 something happens that I really as a coach cannot understand. In other words, I was a bit surprised because the same referee who directed us seven days ago is directing us again today and at that time he also sent off a player. I don’t like to talk about the referees but I have to do it because I think my players were very good, and there was a play that is not for expulsion, “said the Argentine at a press conference before Win Sports.

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