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The wide jeans with high boots are one of the most trendy combinations of the moment when we want to bet on the silhouette of the pants in trend and give a sophisticated air to look with our footwear. And it is to wear one of the most sought after shapes of the moment, which is loose and slightly oversize, it can be as stylish as we want it, it’s all in the selection of a few key pieces.

If you already gave your leggings O skinny jeans to try some of the most popular models of the moment, both on the catwalks and the best dressed, you should definitely try one of the favorites for the winter season: wide jeans with high boots. And if we take it further you can even fold out the hem of the pants, something that we have seen increasingly marked in street style trends.

© Edward Berthelot
A woman wears baggy jeans and white boots in Milan.

The protagonist jeans by 2021 they have a very marked inclination to the retro forms that served in the 70s and 90s. From characteristic models such as joggers, paperbag O boyfriend, the wide hem jeans, also known as wide legare one of the most relevant of the moment. But unlike the models we carried in the nineties, which were more hip, these new models highlight our figure for being high-waisted.

How to wear wide jeans with high boots?

Not that there is a definitive blueprint when it comes to jeans wide leg. It is a look that can be worn in its different presentations: deep blue, slightly washed out, frayed or even with patches. The imperative is that they be high shot and in the part of I roll be wide. Dakota Johnson, Katie Holmes or Kendall Jenner are some of the celebrities who wear them with mastery in their styles and in whom you can find inspiration to do it in the same way.

Wide leg jeans look best with spike boots.

© Christian Vierig.
Wide leg jeans look best with spike boots.

The look resulting from wearing these baggy jeans should not necessarily be misaligned by its shape, on the contrary, even if you will wear the jeans inside your boots, an option that is not ruled out at all, you can get very interesting outfits. In particular you want to focus on type of boots: those that are from high heel y of and punta. This ending in a triangle, added to the shape of the pants that starts at your waist, lengthens your figure and makes you see highest, no matter how tall you are.

In addition to the ‘lengthening’ effect, something that is always appreciated, this type of pants takes on a more sophisticated air when worn with these boots and the rough width offers the possibility that all the details of the footwear are visible, so if you have decorative details they will remain visible and elements that add to the overall ensemble, since the shape of the pants draws attention to the ankle area.

A woman wears flared jeans at Milan Fashion Week.

© Melodie Jeng
A woman wears flared jeans at Milan Fashion Week.

For being some very versatile pants You can also wear them with other favorites, such as white tennis shoes, moccasins or sandals, however, when testing you will notice that when it comes to bootsThe ones with a peak and high heels are the ones that are best for this model, particularly if you are looking for a modern and avant-garde look. Another element that works in its favor is that being longer than other pants, you will not wear them dragging.

It has also been seen in urban styles who have chosen to wear them wide leg jeans with square toe knee high boots. Certainly a retro element that can add, but there is something about spike boots that produce an effect that is universally flattering for everyone. It will be a way to achieve a round look without room for mistakes.

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