This is how the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer performed as a plug-in hybrid in the first test

New 2er Active Tourer in the first test

This is how BMW’s 326 hp family car drives

BMW is sticking to the 2 Series Active Tourer. First, he brought many new customers to the people of Munich – now he is supposed to win fame. In the second edition, as a plug-in hybrid, it becomes one of the most powerful vans of all time. Blick drove the 326 hp family carriage.

A van from BMW? Many fans of the brand turned up their noses when the 2 Series Active Tourer was launched in 2014. The chances of a successor were classified as correspondingly low. Also because many vans went down in the SUV boom.

But for the people of Munich, the 2er Active Tourer is a complete success. BMW was able to sell half a million units in seven years – many of them to customers who did not previously drive a BMW. No wonder, since the van gets a successor after all. However, the big brother Gran Tourer with seven seats will be discontinued.

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