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“Ugly Betty” It is one of the most successful telenovelas in the world. All its actors are known internationally, from the protagonists to the guest stars. However, one of the actresses has gone unnoticed in recent years: the baby who gave life to Betty and Don Armando’s daughter.

And now, more than 20 years after the telenovela was released, the little girl who played the role of Camila in the Colombian hit has obviously changed a lot in terms of her physique, but her interests in the world of acting seem to have penetrated her.

Paula Yepes, the young Colombian who played Camila in the soap opera, he is currently 20 years old, but according to one of her latest publications, she is about to turn 21. In her photos, several followers comment that they know her because of Ugly Betty and that she should consider returning to the world of acting.

Through his profile on Instagram, which has more than 17,000 followers, he shows various photographs about his travels, his relationship with his mother and his friends, in addition to making clear his fanaticism for everything related to Harry Potter, posing in locations from the saga of films such as Hogwarts Castle and Diagon Alley.

And although the young Colombian has not taken her impulse in Betty la fea to take the paths of acting in a professional way, in her profile on Instagram she indicates that something about the show catches her attention since she states that is involved with musical theater.

In fact, through her outstanding stories you can see how the young woman likes to sing and has a talent for it with a couple of videos in which she can not only be heard singing a song, but also playing the keyboard with a chord melody to the piece he plays.

How did Paula Yepes get the role of Camila?

After Yo Soy Betty la Fea came to an end, soap opera fans were still hooked on the story. This led Fernando Gaitán to create “Ecomoda”, a continuation of the novel that would focus not only on Betty’s new presidential position, but also on his new stage of paternity with Don Armando.

And of course, with parenthood a child had to come. But this became complicated when looking for a baby that could fit the first-born of the couple. But it was thanks to Julio César Herrera, who played Freddy Stewart in the original production, that the conflict was resolved.

Herrera convinced his friend Óscar Yepes, a stage actor, to take his eight-month-old daughter Paula to the casting of the sequel to Yo Soy Betty la Fea. But when they arrived at the site there were girls of various ages, his daughter being the youngest, according to the girl’s mother, Andrea Pinto, in an interview reviewed on the El Tiempo portal.

Andrea commented that during the auditions, the director asked the girls for various instructions to test their skills. “They all danced, jumped, cried, laughed, everything,” said the mother. But considering that Paula was only eight months old, all she could do was stand still in front of the evaluators.

The fact of remaining calm in front of several unknown people ended up liking the casting team of Yo Soy Betty la Fea y Ecomoda, which led to Paula in the end getting the role.

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