This is how the mechanical engineering company Heidelberger Druck wants to fight its way out of the crisis

To this end, the company is also focusing on new business areas. “We want to use our technological competence outside of the printer market,” says the CEO. What sounds very abstract at first has long since become concrete: The traditional company has gained a foothold in the hype market of electric mobility, of all places. Since 2018, the company has been selling self-developed wallboxes, partly via Amazon, partly in partnerships with energy providers such as E.On. Although its sales in the area of ​​e-mobility are still in the niche area, Heidelberger Druck has already doubled to 20 million euros in the past financial year. “Electromobility offers us many new business opportunities,” says Hundsdörfer. “One challenge is, for example, how to best organize charging for charging, we are also currently working on solutions there.” The CEO now wants to penetrate these business areas as well.

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