This is how the Round Robin goes on January 10: Caribs return to the top and with a Triple-Tie | Baseball 123

Drafting Meridiano

This Monday began the peak week of the Round Robin at the University of Caracas and Antonio Herrera Gutiérrez de Barquisimeto stadiums, which saw Lions continue alive in the instance and Caribes de Anzoátegui return to the vanguard position, shared with Navegantes del Magallanes, who rested, and Cardenales de Lara, who was defeated.

In the capital, the sleepy hairy offense managed to win a 9-6 victory against Tigres de Aragua, which complicates its options to go to the final of the LVBP 2021-2022 with that defeat. The metropolitans breathe, but their 2-9 record has them inches from the abyss, while the maracayeros fell to 5-7, 2.5 games from the qualifying spots.

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Attractive barquisimetano

For his part and in a more attractive match, “La Tribu” came from behind and got his victory in 13 innings against a twilight 4-3, whom he had to defeat if he wanted to sneak back onto the postseason rooftop. Now they all have a 7-4 record. Caribes had just lost in their last two games and could not afford to continue that adverse chain.

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This Tuesday the action of “All against All” will continue, with the third round between the “Eternal Rivals” of Venezuelan baseball, Leones del Caracas and Navegantes del Magallanes. In the “Musical City of Venezuela”, for their part, Orientals and Larenses will see each other again.


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