This is how the ‘selfie hunters’ manage to catch a famous from afar in the Zinemaldia

The ‘selfie’ sticks of numerous fans have been kept in the drawers of the cabinets in this atypical 68th edition of the San Sebastián Film Festival. The fans who gather every year at the doors of the María Cristina hotel and on the red carpets of the Kursaal and the Victoria Eugenia Theater this year they sharpen their wits to try to hunt, even from afar, the actors and actresses that these days they visit the capital of Gipuzkoa.

The Zinemaldia does not publish the arrival time in San Sebastián of the famous and that makes it difficult to see them even from afar. But it’s not mission impossible And this is how the ‘selfies’ hunters tell us how this year they observe movie stars in this ‘new’ Zinemaldia.

Judith Heavy

“We see the famous when the photocall is held from the sand of the beach”

Every year Judith Pesado is used to going to the María Cristina hotel’s immeasurements to see the arrival of famous people or to the red carpet. “This year it is an adventure to see the actors who visit the city these days,” says this stalwart of the Zinemaldia that despite the restrictions has managed to see the actors from afar: Javier Gutiérrez who usually comes every year, Javier Rey, Blanca Suárez, María Pedraza, Johnny Depp and Matt Dillon.

The Zurriola beach has become the right place to see the stars of the festival who sometimes greet from the terrace of the Kursaal where the photocalls are, when it is not raining. «We usually shout a lot and, for example Depp super nice greeted us», Explains Judith but adding that although she understands the security measures imposed by the organization, she does not like the presence of the Municipal Police and Ertzaintza. «On Saturday we were waiting for four hours at the María Cristina hotel and only 10 minutes before the arrival of the protagonist of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ they evicted us. The agents did not have empathy and did not warn us that they were not going to let us be at the door of the hotel. We have already learned our lesson ”, explains Judith Pesado.

Tino Alvarez

“The security measures do not surprise me, but the presence of the Ertzaintza does”

«I have calculated that half an hour before the press conference the photocall is held and I usually go near the Kursaal, “says Tino Álvarez, frustrated at not being able to see Matt Dillon anywhere. “It is understandable that the organization takes these security measures due to the pandemic situation where we are. But I was surprised by the presence of the Ertzaintza and the Municipal Police, which disperses people quickly, ”argues this curious man posted on the wall of Paseo de la Zurriola.

Rosa Maria Aceña

“This year it’s time to see famous people in the distance”

Rosa María is a regular at the San Sebastián Film Festival and This week tries to combine his work with the hobby of seeing celebrities. “As this edition progresses, I have fine-tuned my technique. The best thing is to come to Zurriola beach half an hour before the press conference and if there is a red carpet at the Victoria Eugenia Theater, sit in a nearby cafeteria “, assures this veteran hunt for ‘selfies’ that throughout the week has been refining the technique teaching.


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