This is how the Sura Group reacted to the new takeover bid launched by the Gilinski Group

Last Friday, January 14, it was learned that the Gilinski Group launched a new Public Acquisition Offer (OPA) for another package of shares of the Sura Group, which must be studied by the Financial Superintendence. This request temporarily suspended trading in the company’s common stock.

Given this situation, Grupo Sura issued a statement calling for the responsible handling of information on the new takeover bid and reiterated its concern about breaches and irregularities in the process of the first takeover bid, whose adjudication was reported last Friday 14 of January the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC).

“In compliance with its fiduciary duty, from the first week of December 2021 Grupo Sura informed the competent regulatory entities of circumstances that, in its opinion and that of its external advisors, are breaches and irregularities presented in the process of the first OPA” , reported the company.

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And he added that he maintains “the conviction that the institutional channels are the appropriate ones to examine these issues and, in this sense, we will continue to act through them, within the framework of the rule of law.”

Finally, the Group assured that, based on the premise that OPAs are mechanisms provided for in Colombian legislation, the company seeks that “shareholders have access to truthful, complete and sufficient information so that they can make informed decisions.

In this sense, the conglomerate also called for “responsible handling of information, rejecting baseless attacks circulating today, and we invite you to hold a technical conversation, with the height and respect that is required for operations of this nature are transparent and clear for shareholders and society in general”.

It should be remembered that the new offer was made by the firm JGDB Holdings, which on this occasion would pay a price of US$9.88 for each species, which at the current exchange rate would be $39,457, a value higher than the price with which it closed. this week Sura in the bag for $27,250.

The takeover bid was formulated to acquire a minimum number of shares equivalent to 5% and a maximum number equivalent to 6.25%, which added to the 118,168,821 shares awarded to Gilinski would allow him to be the main shareholder of the financial holding company, with a percentage greater than 30.25%, surpassing Grupo Argos, which today owns 27.72%.


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