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This is how the Transformers vehicles ‘rest’ before starting filming in Cusco | EDITION

On June 24, 2022, in full celebration of the next Fiestas del and from , Paramount Pictures will premiere the new Transformers saga worldwide: ‘Rise of The Beasts’, a magical coincidence that excites and even makes the people of Cusco proud, in large part because the American production company chose the Imperial City and , as filming locations for the legendary film, whose seventh installment is expected by millions of fans worldwide.

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Since the announcement by the film director, Steven Caple Jr. about the recording of sequences in Cusco and Machu Picchu, national and international interest has focused on these South Andean towns, that are already shaken by the arrival of personnel, equipment and even vehicles that will be part of the new installment of Transformers.

Thus, last week videos were leaked about the transfer of four trucks transporting up to five vehicles for the recording of the film. Internet users shared images of the passage of the convoy on the Lima – Apurímac – Cusco route, and finally, after a long journey, The units, which will be the delirium of adults and children on the giant screen, are already ‘resting’ in a hangar in the Imperial City.

Mail had a brief access to the place where three of the five vehicles that arrived in Cusco are jealously guarded, It is a large shed belonging to a well-known firm of floors and ceramics located in the area called Industrial Park.

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In the place there is a strong guard and the guards constantly supervise the arrival and departure of the vehicles belonging to production and management. It was learned that the staff de Transformers: ‘Rise of The Beasts’, has rented the complete facilities of a well-known hotel in the heart of the Historic Center of Cusco.

Three large black trucks, with a sinister and rickety appearance, are still silent in the hangar of Cusco, probably in the next few days or weeks, They will take to the streets to cause a sensation and excitement among Cusco residents and tourists, and they will be the focus of attention of locals and strangers, when the recordings begin in the old capital of Tahuantinsuyo.

At the moment the fans do not know if these units belong to the Maximals, Predacons o Terrorcons, part of the universe of Autobots y Decepticons, that will surely have an all-out fight in millenary settings like Cusco and Machu Picchu, carefully chosen by the Transformers franchise.


– As reported by Paramount Pictures, Transformers: Awakening of the Beasts will take audiences on an adventure set in the 90s and present the existing battle on land between Autobots and Decepticons. The first film in the Transformers saga was released 14 years ago Captivating viewers, this sequel promises to return with all the action and show of the first time for the enjoyment of fans around the world.


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