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This is how they are punishing the unvaccinated in several countries

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Almost two years after the declaration of the coronavirus pandemic Covid 19 On the part of the World Health Organization, there are still millions of citizens outside the vaccination protocols activated to stop their already proven lethality.

Although the disease has caused more than 5.5 million deaths and there are more than 260 million infections worldwide, the trends that insist on not having access to the different vaccines authorized by the WHO force governments to take more measures drastic, according to an agency report Bloomberg.

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From incentives to harsh punishments, this is how the handling of those who for different reasons do not want to be vaccinated is being considered, including some religious beliefs, political, distrust and fear.

No admittance

In nations such as Spain, both in airports and by land or sea, the vaccination certificate is being required, so that it is no longer easy for those reluctant to the vaccine to move towards the peninsula. In Ukraine they follow a similar measure, since the unvaccinated do not have the right to use public transport.

Where the vaccine is one step away from being mandatory without the right to protest is in Israel and Germany, where great efforts have been made to keep the contagion curve flat and try not to decrease the death toll.

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And when it comes to punishments, in Finland they are giving a blow with a silk hand. Bars and restaurants that refuse to use the Covid certificate will not be able to sell alcohol after 5:00 p.m., right at the peak of the sales hours.

Another that is applying a strong hand is Hungary, which gave freedom to employers to punish workers who do not want to be vaccinated with suspension without pay.

In the United States, the Joe Biden administration issued an emergency mandate that forces employers to require the vaccine and frequent testing.

This mandate will apply to companies with more than 100 employees and if by January 4 they fail to have this entire working population vaccinated, the fines could reach up to 136 thousand dollars.

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In Singapore, the government decided not to bear the medical or hospitalization costs of citizens who get sick from Covid by refusing the vaccine. The hospital bill for a seriously ill person from Covid can cost about 18 thousand dollars in that country, and not a penny will be contributed from that bill. As is known, getting sick from Covid, in addition to representing a health risk, generates a significant economic impact that no one would like to suffer.

500 euros in Slovakia

Through the delivery of coupons worth 500 euros, a Slovak legislator wants to encourage people over 60 to go for vaccination.

Where the unvaccinated over 60 years will have to pay a fine is in Greece, since a payment of 114 dollars is already estimated for each month that they pass without receiving the vaccine, he cited Forbes.

Another country that will fine the unvaccinated is Austria, where as of February 2022 a payment equivalent to 8 thousand dollars will be established for those who remain outside the inoculations.

The Omicron variant and its mutations are triggering the global alert about the prolongation of the pandemic that began in March 2020, which has also led several countries to the placement of a third dose for the already vaccinated population and the launch of other specific treatments. like pills.

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