This is how we live lap by lap, the Miami GP

Verstappen won his third race of five in the 2022 season but remains second in the championship, 19 points behind Leclerc.

LAST LAP: Verstappen held on to beat Leclerc and win Miami! Sainz completed the podium and Checo finished fourth.

Russell edged out Hamilton, while the BOT, ALO, OCO and ALB also entered the points.

ROUND 55: 1 VER 2 LEC 3 SAI 4 PER 5 RUS 6 HAM 7 BOT 8 ALO 9 OCO 10 ALB.

LAP 54: Mick Schumacher took Sebastian Vettel’s car, a hard clash between pupil and mentor.

ROUND 53: VER contains LEC and SAI does the same with PER.

LAP 51: Extraordinary pass from RUS to HAM that calls into question the hierarchy within Mercedes.

LAP 50: RUS and HAM swap places, but the seven-time champion is in front, BOT is behind both.

LAP 49: Now there are intense battles for first place and for the last place on the podium.

ROUND 47: SAI resists PER’s onslaught and maintains third position.

LAP 46: The Safety Car is gone and there will be a fight in the last 11 laps, Checo seems in good position with the new tires.

LAP 43: Alonso receives a 5-second penalty for the incident with Gasly.

LAP 42: The Safety Car appears and some cars opt for the pit stop, like Checo who changes to medium tires.

LAP 41: Strong contact between Norris and Gasly causing the VSC, which could change the conditions of the race.

LAP 40: Incident between Alonso and Gasly that will be examined by the track officials.

ROUND 37: The rain could come at the end of the race, according to the forecasts of the teams.

LAP 36: The tire degradation has been less than expected and the times have stabilized.

LAP 32: VER runs away eight seconds behind LEC when the race is already in the second half.

LAP 31: After passing through the pits, the grid resumes its formation: 1 VER 2 LEC 3 SAI 4 PER 5 RUS 6 BOT 7 HAM 8 OCO 9 GAS 10 ALO

ROUND 28: Long stop for SAI with 5.4 seconds, for 3.1 for PER, which could complicate the Spanish.

LAP 26: VER pits, they put hard tires on him and he could go all the way on this set of tyres. SAI remains as leader.

ROUND 25: With LEC passing through the pits, VER remains the leader, SAI is second and PER is third, ahead of the Monegasque.

LAP 24: After doing the fastest lap, Leclerc says the car is difficult to drive and pits.

LAP 23: Hamilton pits, so it looks like Mercedes will opt to go for one stop.

LAP 21: While Checo was lacking power, Norris suffered a mistake, with the tires still without temperature.

ROUND 20: 1 VER 2 LEC 3 SAI 4 PER 5 BOT 6 HAM 7 RUS 8 RIC 9 OCO 10 GAS

LAP 18: Among those fighting up front, Gasly was the first to pit.

ROUND 16: Time to decide the strategies in the teams, whether to go to one or two stops, although there is wear on the tires.

ROUND 14: In addition to the fight for the lead, the most interesting dispute is the one between Hamilton, Gasly and Alonso.

LAP 13: Leclerc continues to have problems with the tires, especially with the front right.

LAP 12: Magnussen overtakes his Haas teammate Schumacher for last points scoring spot.

ROUND 9: There is a new leader, Verstappen has already overtaken Leclerc!

LAP 8: Verstappen is already within DRS distance of Leclerc, who is starting to have tire problems.

LAP 7: First to pit is Alfa Romeo’s Zhou, who sees the end of his race early.


ROUND 5: In the repetition it is observed how Alonso touches Hamilton’s car at the start, which caused the Briton to complain.

LAP 3: Sainz is asked to keep Pérez more than a second away to avoid the use of the DRS.

ROUND 1: Without major incidents, everything is ready for a new dispute between LEC and VER, with SAI and PER behind.

STARTED: Charles Leclerc got off to a good start and kept the top spot, while Verstappen snatched second from Carlos Sainz. Alonso rose from 11 to 7.

TRAINING LAP: There will be 57 laps at the Miami International Autodrome.

Both Aston Martin cars will start from the pitlane, so they will have a tough test ahead of them.

The Monegasque Charles Leclerc took pole position in Miami, after beating his teammate at Ferrari, the Spanish Carlos Sainz, who completed the first starting row, by just 194 thousandths of a second.

The Mexican Sergio Pérez will start fourth, after being just behind his Red Bull teammate, the Dutchman Max Verstappen; Checo was the fastest in the last free practice.

The British George Russell of Mercedes had caused the surprise by being the best in the second practice, but he will start from far behind in the race and will have to come back.

Grille output

1. Charles Leclerc Ferrari

2. Carlos Sainz-Ferrari

3. Max Verstappen Red Bull

4. Sergio Pérez Red Bull

5. Valtteri Bottas Alfa Romeo

6. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

7. Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri

8. Lando Norris McLaren

9. Yuki Tsunoda Alpha Tauri

10. Lance Stroll Aston Martin

11. Fernando Alonso Alpine

12. George Russell Mercedes

13. Sebastian Vettel Aston Martin

14. Daniel Ricciardo McLaren

15. Mick Schumacher Haas

16. Kevin Magnussen Haas

17. Guayu Zhou Alfa Romeo

18. Alex Albon Williams

19. Nicholas Latifi Williams

20. Esteban Ocon Alpine

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