This is how you can protect your body from inflammation and infection!

Usually when we think of juices, we think of the amounts of sugar in them, calories and general negative effects that our bodies may experience as a result of eating them, even with fresh canned juices and tomato juice, but it is completely different with a single type of juice, which is sour cherry juice.

According to nutritionist Lisa Moskovitz, drinking sour cherry juice can help reduce inflammation in the body, because it contains large amounts of antioxidants.

Moskovitz added that wild cherry juice, which has a pungent taste, also helps protect the body from infections of all kinds, whether bacterial, bacterial or others, according to what was stated in the “Eat This” website on health.

And if it is difficult for you to take a glass of tart cherry juice, you can replace it with capsules made from it, as a kind of health anti-inflammatory supplement.


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