This is inside the former Atlanta Tyler Perry mansion

A spectacular living room due to its dimensions

The main living room does not lose an iota of the elegance that exuded in the hall, but it does include some elements that give it a certain rustic touch. So much so that some wooden structures on the ceiling, several pieces of furniture of this material have been placed, also present in floors throughout the space. What undoubtedly confers a warmth, which is enhanced by the cream tones that reign in each corner.

The imposing stone fireplace separates two well differentiated areas.

On one side, there is a seating area made up of a ‘U’ shaped sofa, and a glass coffee table. On the other, another sofa, which, unlike the previous one, is classic cut, with several matching chairs and side tables.

This last corner, in addition, opens directly to the outside area, which is connected to the inside through some large windows.

Again, to illuminate this place in the home, a ceiling lamp has been used. But the tree in the living room does not go unnoticed either, causing nature to ‘invade’ the interior.

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